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Women in Technology

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Individual coaching


This approach ensures that your unique needs are met.

You will receive individual attention and the safeness of the coaching relationship, allowing you to delve deeper into challenges that may have aspects of vulnerability at their root.

Ashleigh’s approach is one of care and sensitivity.

While coaching you for future success and growth, she also has the expertise to support you in areas of yourself that may be outside of your awareness.


individual coaching
group 4

Coaching groups of four

By being coached in a group setting, your experience is rooted in relationships, allowing you to develop a network of support where you can learn from and encourage each other. We can address real-life examples where you feel limited or blocked by external systems as well as uncover instances where your internal world—such as the shadow king (inner patriarch) or other self-limiting beliefs—has created obstacles.

The groups will run for six sessions, after which we will review and decide together whether to continue, with or without the support of a coach.

Topics that can be included in the coaching sessions are imposter syndrome, self-criticism, developing a helpful inner voice, confidence, and balance

Webinar/workshop topics 60 – 90 mins as stand-alone or a series

These topics can also be included in coaching packages.

  • Understanding how your brain and emotions are operating and how to have more awareness and control
  • Understanding your imposter syndrome and taking steps to reduce it
  • Understanding your self-critic and developing a compassionate coach
  • Developing mindful awareness to take more control of your attention and productivity
  • Letter writing to enhance your compassionate coach helping you deal with challenges and to flourish and succeed
  • Gain awareness into your multiple selves and using chairwork and writing techniques to deal with conflict effectively