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Having a baby can be a time of great joy, but also potentially a time of mixed emotions and difficult experiences.

Changes occur within our body, brain, and of course in our lives too. These can be helpful and wonderful but can also make us feel unsteady, sometimes deeply so. The mind we, and others relate to us with, at this time can be particularly important and powerful, both in terms of ourselves as parents, but also for our baby too.

In an online workshop, taking place this October, Dr Ashleigh McLellan and Dr Katie Splevins, a Perinatal Clinical Psychologist, will address the complexity of changes that occur when we become pregnant and have a baby and the particular impact of developing our compassionate mind during this important time.

The Zoom workshop is designed to give practical experience of how we develop the compassionate mind during the perinatal period with particular reference to some of the most common and challenging experiences.

Dates: 16 to 18 October 2024

Timings: Day One: 09:30 – 17.00 | Day Two: 09.30 – 17:00 | Day Three: 09.30 – 16:30

How to book: Visit The Compassion Mind Foundation website for more information.