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Indigo Talent Development

Cultivating a compassionate mind helps people
unlock their potential. We help to coach individuals
and teams to develop their self-awareness and best
self for wellbeing and performance.

Compassionate leadership

Indigo Talent Development is led by Dr Ashleigh McLellan, a consultant clinical psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience in the NHS working with complex mental health presentations.

In 2020, Ashleigh started working exclusively in independent practice using the compassionate mind model with organisations and businesses, working with teams, individuals and delivering training.

Dr Ashleigh McLellan

Dr Ashleigh McLellan

 “People have always fascinated me. Why do people do what they do? What motivates them? What blocks them? Why can we create so many problems for ourselves sometimes?! I love listening to people and helping them make sense of their lives. It’s so rewarding when I can offer knowledge and guide people to insights that change things for the better for them.”

The Collective

Organisational development requires a more nuanced, deeply connected approach to supporting leaders grow.

Recognising this, Ashleigh works with a  group of seasoned professionals, united with a common goal: to raise the standard of leadership development programmes through collective experience and expertise.

Our expertise

Compassion focused coaching and therapy

Compassion focused coaching (CFC) and therapy (CFT) is rooted in the evolutionary model of human psychology. It helps us understand the nature of our brain, how the old motivations and emotional systems interact with more recently evolved cognitive competencies and intelligence. Becoming aware of our tricky brain and understanding the function of our emotions helps us see that it is not our fault but it is our problem. From here we can take responsibility to engage in compassionate motivation which is rooted in care and co-operation, bringing great benefit us and those around us.

Chairwork and voice dialogue

Based in the theory of self-multiplicity the methods of chairwork and voice dialogue are powerful ways of increasing awareness and self-knowing. These methods can help you resolve conflicts, work through difficult decisions and bring lasting awareness and change. This can be incorporated into ongoing coaching or used as a single session method.


Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy originally developed for trauma and now has an evidence base for its applicability to a wide range of challenges. It is used to enhance performance and resilience and can help unblock your thinking when you feel stuck. The light touch flash technique can be an excellent way to reduce difficult feelings about a past event without having to talk about the event.

Women support
Trying to have a baby and struggling; pregnancy, birth, postnatal period; the huge changes known as matresence can be a very challenging time especially so for career driven women. We can offer you expertise and specific perinatal focused insights to manage this life change. Uncovering the different selves that might be operating within you (such as the pusher, the critic, the idealised mother, the inner patriarch and matriarch) can support you in developing the awareness and compassion needed to feel grounded.


Bespoke training packages can be arranged for your event. Topics include:

♥ Understanding how your brain and emotions are operating and how to have more awareness and control

♥ Understanding your imposter syndrome and taking steps to reduce it

♥ Understanding your self-critic and developing a compassionate coach

♥ Developing mindful awareness to take more control of your attention and productivity

♥ Letter writing to enhance your compassionate coach helping you deal with challenges and to flourish and succeed

♥ Gain awareness into your multiple selves and using chairwork and writing techniques to deal with conflict effectively

♥ Perinatal period: matrescence and motherhood. Understanding the complexity and the shadow side of human nature to bring compassion to ourselves


 Your Virtual Mind Trainer is a unique experience of 360° immersive nature videos synchronised with six-minute audio recordings.

This isn’t mindfulness but a ‘couch to 5k’ approach to training your mind to notice, focus and become more capable.

As an Indigo client, you can try a VR Headset as part of your coaching package.​

Offering a library of audios and videos, our clients can
combine their sight and sound choice for mind training.

​Scientifically proven to:

  • Boost energy and mood
  • Improve task performance
  • Improve innovation and creativity in problem solving

News and Events

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